Motorola better phone-life balance study shows alarming results and usage of phones problematic

Motorola has conducted an independent research through research company Ipsos to understand the impact of smartphones on our relationships with ourselves, other people, and the physical and social environment. The study showed that smartphone users are putting their phones before the people they care about, and the younger generations who have grown up in a digital world are alarmingly addicted. 

Furthermore, the study highlights the phone importance where One-third or 33% of users prioritize their smartphone over engaging with people they care about and want to spend time with them. This is seen as a major concern among younger generations, with over half of Gen Z describing their phone as a best friend.

People want help with phone-life balance. In fact, 61 percent of participants agree that they want to get the most out of their phone when they are on it, and the most out of life when they are not. While 60% people say it’s important to have a life separate from their phones. The study pinpointed three major smartphone behaviors that impacted the human relationships including the constant checking of phones more often than they would need. More than 44% agree they feel compelled to constantly check their smartphone.

A 35% agree that they are spending too much time using their smartphone of which 44% are younger generation and 34% believe they would be happier if they spent less time on their phone. Phone losing is a most dangerous emotion and 65% admit that they panic when they think they have lost their smartphone and three in ten agree that when they are not using their phone they are “thinking about using it or planning the next time I can use it which is a very alarming behavior.

Motorola on their part has created a quiz consisting of 10 simple questions to better understand your relationship with your phone and what exactly is your condition. It is also working with like-minded third-party organizations to bring new initiatives and programs to bring a proper balance. You can take the phone-balance quiz here.


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