FoneArena Smartphone Champion: Nokia N900

A few months ago, we started a competition on FoneArena, which is known as the FoneArena Smartphone Championship. There were total 16 contestants, and today we have the winner, and before announcing, FoneArena want to say thanks to everyone for voting, and keeping this tournament alive, all the credit goes to the readers who voted and supported their favorite phones like a true fanboys. Now the champion, the winner of the Smartphone Championship is the Nokia N900. Nokia N900 got some great support from its fans from the first day, and in the final, Nokia N900 beats Samsung Galaxy S by a very great margin. Nokia N900 got 5,985 votes, and the Galaxy S got 2,734 votes, and the total is 8,719 votes. We want to say thanks again to everyone for voting.

So N900 users, enjoy your victory, and Samsung Galaxy S users, losing is the part of the game, so don’t think that your Galaxy S is a loser (I know you don’t), because the Galaxy S made to the final, and also a winner. We will come back soon with another great tournament. Thanks again and please share your thoughts !

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  • rey.mac

    dismal !!….mameo has sooooooooo limited apps…..galaxy S or HTC desire should have won if nokia fanboys of INDIA(specifically) would have voted judiciously

    • Steve Barker

      Maemo has plenty of apps and most of them are FREE

      Maemo can also run Android apps – as you would know if you had any understanding of Maemo whatsoever.

      Are you really complaining that the most popular device won? Do you have any understanding of democracy at all?

      Or is it just that your own favoured device did not win?

      Ther are no losers here – all the devices have their good and not so good points, but I don’t think there is a bad device in this ‘competition’

    • Mark

      I am from Europe and think this is the right result. GTFO

    • Sorry , you’re wrong about India . Voting from Middle east ! You fail !

  • RobertH

    you see the n900 doesnt “need” apps per se….as its a tablet and actually able to perform as a tablet should….with PC prowess…
    no need for youtube apps or facebook apps or twiiter apps…the “.com”
    to these sites are actually like the pc…including fb chat when going to the fbook official page….secondly should you need an app…you simply go on the maemo forum and request it from a developer…not hope that the app you want appears….(and most apps are free….) but over all…fancy transitions does not wow me in comparison to overall power…(and just to add in…the n900 can dual boot android/windows/maemo/meego…not thats a really smartphone)

  • I believe the only reason the N900 won is that there was so many Nokia related blogs and tweets directing people to the contest. Did anyone see any blogs or sights for any of the other devices directing people to the contest?

    If you put the N900 up against Samsung Galaxy in the mainstream, consumer markets, you would definitely see the Samsung win. Most consumers have never heard of the N900, much less have owned or touched one.

    • Karan

      Hi Lloyd,

      You say N900 won because Nokia related blogs directed people to contest and other blogs did not. Now just look at the other side of the story and think as to why did other blogs not do this. Not because this blog is lesser known or anything. But because, other blogs (Gizomodo, engadget, etc.. the list goes on) do not pay any attention whatsoever to Nokia . Any content related to Nokia seems waste of time to them. They are just not ready to accept that Nokia can also make good phones. Now I am in no position to comment on two phones coz I have not used either.
      But purely from a competition standpoint, what is wrong if Nokia blogs are marketing the Nokia phones. Every blog dedicated to a particular phone does that. GO to some popular US blogs and you will notice that they report even a smallest change done in an iPhone or Android device in a larger than life manner.

      The problem is when other phone makers market their flagships, people notice thinking it must be good. But when Nokia does the same, people think ah, they are just trying to keep up in the race and their things are no way comparable.

    • Macario

      Not true, People voted for it because its the better of the two, truly is.
      Your second statement is close, but thats because N900 is not availible for a carrier discount like Galaxy is. if it was it would be more mainstream. and either way it would kick Galaxys A$$

  • RobertH

    i agree with you here lloyd….the n900 isnt mainstream…(and was never meant to be)..however “pound for pound” imho i think the n900 wins over alot of other devices….feature wise and hardware wise…dont tell me about the galaxy’s overwhelming processor….as to me processor specs dont count for much (as the case with the toshiba TG01 which had a 1gz snapdragon and was horribly slow)….needless to say…its all about fine tuning which i think nokia does superbly…(N8 being a fine example as well)..what alot of people need to realize is that…android os NEEDS those processors to push their devices fluidly….nokia seems not to need such power to do the same…

  • Pablo

    I think you’re saying this because you never had one close enough to see what an N900 is capable of… believe me it’s much more than you think.

    Of course Samsung G and the other Android devices are great smartphones …yes, but limited to that…that’s what N900’s not. An N900 is comparable with a phone only because of its size and can make 3G calls, and comparable with a PC because of the rest of its capabilities.

    That’s it!

  • Rajesh Patani

    I was very keen to see N900 as it reched to final and having competition with HS like Galaxy s,I saw both the handsets but i found N900 very bulky and very poor in performance compared to Galaxy s, HTC Desire or SE Xpria.

    I still wonder how N900 was able to win this comp.

    • Steve Barker

      @Rajesh Patani:

      I was also surprised – and I own an N900.

      ‘Performance’ is a subjective thing – your definition may differ to mine. As a pure ‘phone’ N900 is lacking compared to other, and even older devices I’ve owned.

      As a GPS navigator device it also lacks compared to other devices from Nokia unless you download additional software.

      From an OS and UI perspective there is nothing close to Maemo5 right now; It may not have the flashy, slick tramnsitions of, say, iOS, but it is fast, the resistive touchscreen is very responsive and the device can multitask like no other device.

      I’m not talking of running 25 apps concurrently – only the massochistic would do that. I’m talking about multitasking we all do in the real world – rapidly switching between three or four running applications and using the excellent dashboard to oversee operations. No other device can match N900 in this respect.

      N900 is a tiny linux computer that fits in your pocket – oh, and it also has a reasonably good GSM and 3G smartphone built in. Because of that its appeal, its abilities and therefore its reach is extended beyond mere smartphones.

      There are plenty of useful apps for N900 and most are free courtesy of the community. I can’t think of anything any other device can do that N900 cannot, but owners do not have it all laid out on a plate for them – they have to roll their sleeves up and be prepared to get their hand a bit dirty; most smartphone owners do not want this level of engagement.

      I think the main reason N900 won was the powerful community behind the device. This is no elite brotherhood of expert coders or some secret society who have hidden knowledge to hijack polls like this – I expect many members couldn’t be bothered with this poll.

      The maemo community is an eclectic mix of experts and noobs (like myself) who all share an enthusiasm for this truly amazing device.

      I don’t imagine N900 has outsold many devices, but most owners of ‘regular’ smartphones have no interest in their devices or the OS they run beyond downloading a few games, the odd ‘cool app’ or a bit of bar-room bragging.

      N900 is NOT for most people, but the few who run N900’s are probably more educated and informed about their devices, probably keep up with device and tech news more than typical smartphone users, and have a stronger sense of community.

      • Pat

        Excellent explanation… I couldn’t have said it better.

        Go N900 & its Maemo community!

      • Cristian

        Excelent explanation…one thing i would like to point out is that (at least for me) what makes the n900 such a great device isn’t the hardware itself, nor the screen or the physical keyboard, it’s the Linux based Maemo OS what really makes the difference with the rest of the smartphones, but it seems most people just don’t care what crappy OS they have running in their devices…

    • Macario

      If you held the n900 instead of seeing it, you would retract that statement. it mayt be slightly bulky, but its performance is Awsome. Multitasks great look at videos on youtube

  • Lloyd

    I have both the N900 and Samsung Galaxy S. I love the N900. Don’t get me wrong. I am a power user. But above that I am a consumer and I want a phone and device that is supported in my market. I love the N900…….but I am addicted to the Samsung Galaxy!!!!!

    Heck, I even wrote this response on my Samsung using Swype. I never could have done this on the N900……at least not quickly.

  • Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA)

    For the 15 or so minutes that I held both the N900 & N97 in my hands, and looked at the menus, etc., I regret not taking my SIM out of my E90, and seeing what the N900 could do.

    It is a unique device.

    When I first got my S60v3-powered E90 I was all over the net – particularly Nokia Discussions – trying to figure out all I wanted to know, so I think I understand the community/family support for the N900/Maemo. Cool

  • jorgem12

    Truth hurts, N900 is the best phone actually…can do whatever any other iphone, android, or bb, etc, etc, etc…can do and even more. So i’m sorry for all the “androids”, “iphans” or any other else here…XD

  • Akash

    I think N900 won because of its smart phone and internet tablet and computer like hardware capabilites
    I personally dont own this phone. but one of friend own this phone
    And i should say that when i watch my friend browsing inernet on it i really feel JELOUS.
    Because its exactly like browsing on pc.
    and developers of maemo have made it possible to install ANROID 2.2 WINDOWS 6.3 AND MEEGO LIKE operatig systems so its just like a pc with having 4 operating system on it.
    thats what i love about n900.
    we can intall both android and windows mobile applications.
    so think again its like buying 3 in 1 mobile

  • mynokiaisshit

    This has to be a joke!

    I own this mobile, but personally think it’s the most embarrassing and shabby product Nokia has ever come up with.

    AND because N900 is such a shitty device, I’ve decided my next mobile is the iPhone 4. Just hope I’ll find a buyer for my N900, because the iPhone is so darn expensive…

    • PMaff

      You call it “shitty”.
      What were your problems?

      “embarrassing and shabby product” is something where I only can confirm that it is not.
      But it would be interesting how you got there.

  • PMaff

    Some people talk about N900 being bulky.

    If you see that it can replace a camera (with very good Zeiss optics which afaics no other smartphone has), it can replace your media player (MP3, video and so on), it can replace my older
    Palm PDA (with some software installed).
    And it is a small Linux computer – that said you should add
    all the sizes and weights of these devices if you still need them.

    With e.g. an iPhone you have to add a MP3 player that you still need since sound of all Apple devices (starting with iPod) is horrible.
    Camera does not have the same good optics so if you want to make
    photos of same quality you have to carry a additional photomachine.
    Which makes the iPhone a much “bulkier” device.

    Same for Galaxy S: it needs at least addtional photo equipment
    to get par with N900.

    Result: do you really want to talk about bulkyness?

  • Gill Hodges

    Nice that the N900 won this competition… And things continue to get better! We are imminently (Oct 2010) going to get the new Maemo5 PR1.3 firmware, which will have dual-boot feature added. Then we’ll be able to boot to wonderful Maemo or next-gen MeeGo. Hopefully there will be some other tasty features in PR1.3… crossed fingers for updating Flash to 10.1

  • uddi216

    I am really happy that the N900 won, i am currently using both the flagships of nokia…the nokia N900 and N97 but believe me the N97 is nowhere near the mighty N900. Regarding multitasking the N900 is a ‘God’. If you compare N900 with the rest internet tabs the N900 grabs it all….GO NOKIA!!!!! 🙂

  • does n900 have wavesecure application…
    any smart security ..
    and many useful application are absent..!!
    though nITdroid can use is still useless as it depend on sd mem!!

    • Goldsteal

      NITdroid does not DEPEND on a SD Memorycard as I recall it. It’s just saver and therefore more inteligent to do so – at least if you have just minimal knowledge like I do.

  • Goldsteal

    I will get my N900 -finally- in 2 days. It is used and bought on ebay. I bought it ’cause of my interest in technology. I want to see the unofficial port of android, I want to play arround with the phone, I wanted to have a slider keyboard and I wanted to have a cheap phone. For arround 160€ I will know get a almost new N900 device. And if I’ll ever buy a full-priced device it should be up to date with the latest technology and it should be open.
    e.g. now please 1,2 Ghz dual core, 8 – 12 MP camera, 32/64 up to whatever GB internal space, dual-sim support, 1024 MB ram.

    I hope Nokia will someday put out a successor of the N900 which has the wanted INNER values and on the outside it should be like the N900: A cool device, but no designer tech.

    Btw.: Nothing against IDevices, great technology but odd understanding of software sometimes – JAILBREAK needed, you know.

    Interesting thing if you own a iDevice: