Interview with Jon Tetzchner of Opera Software

At Symbian Exchange 2009 FoneArena got a chance to interview Jon Tetzchner CEO of  Opera Software. In this 20 minute interview , we talk about a lot of things ranging from Opera Mini, Opera Mobile and Opera Unite and also Google Chrome , Internet Explorer.


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Fujitsu Phone can swim and take pictures under Water


The Fujitsu F-08A works 1.5m under water and it clicks pics too . At the Fujitsu booth at Symbian Exchange last month, i saw this cool phone dipped inside a bowl of water. Its got a 5MP Camera , GSM/3G Network support, NFC,GPS , MobileTV and a Music player. I just put the camera in self timer mode and wanted to see if the camera worked fine. ( and the handset runs Symbian )

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Nokia Booklet 3G at SEE2009


We spotted the Nokia Laptop – Booklet 3G at SEE2009. Bill Perry from Nokia was using this as a main computer to showcase The booklet was connected to a TV via HDMI. Imagine using your laptop for a while and then you look at the battery indicator and it says 10 hrs remaining. The device is pretty small in terms of size and if Nokia sold one in India even devoid of 3G, it would sell really well ! Continue reading “Nokia Booklet 3G at SEE2009”

Download Opera Mobile 10 beta for Nokia and Symbian Smartphones


Opera Mini 5 Beta is one of the best mobile browsers out in the market and we totally love using it over a slow GPRS connection.  But the app is slow on even high-end phones because its based on Java. Now get ready for some serious mobile browsing on your Nokia or any other Symbian smartphone –  You can now Download Opera Mobile 10 beta which is a native S60 application.  We tested the app on a Nokia 5800 (touchscreen phone) and a E52 ( non touch) and the app certainly kicks ass and is a zillion times faster than the mini 5 beta. It features the same speed dial found in the desktop browser, support for multiple tabs, contextual menus and a lot more. Continue reading “Download Opera Mobile 10 beta for Nokia and Symbian Smartphones” Website gets a new design right in time for SEE2009


The website got a major facelift today just in time for the SEE2009 – The annual Symbian extravaganza. With all the normal confusion amongst users  surrounding the versions of the platform and the devices running various versions, the new website offers you a lot more clarity.There is a list of various devices along with the version its running. The Samsung Omnia HD find’s it place right in the homepage of the website along with Gravity Continue reading “ Website gets a new design right in time for SEE2009”

The Symbian Exchange 2009 – SEE2009

The Symbian Foundation is holding the  Symbian Exchange and Exposition (SEE)  at Earls Court 2, London on 27-28 October 2009. This is a FREE TO ATTEND event and its a must for anyone involved or interested in the future of mobile and the mobile industry.


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