The Vodafone ZooZoos Win PETA Award


You must have heard about Vodafone Zoozoos that’s creating a buzz across the blogosphere. And, presently, it is not only the bloggers talking about the Zoozoo ads.

If you are a Zoozoo fan, then you will be happy to know that the Zoozoo Ads have won the PETA award (People for Ethical Treatment for Animals). Continue reading “The Vodafone ZooZoos Win PETA Award”

Making of the Vodafone Zoozoos

“ZooZoo” the word making buzz around the blogosphere, spreading from mouth to mouth like fire and getting millions of fan followings not only from India but from around the globe. Recently our co-editor Sandeep wrote an article – “Zoozoo makes you laugh” wherein he mentioned that those animated characters featured in Vodafone ads are not computer generated characters and are real human beings.. This fact fascinated me to find out on how the idea of Zoozoo came into the minds of Vodafone guys and how these Zoozoo series of ads were shot..

So here’s a quick video featured on CNN IBN featuring the making of Zoozoos:

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Vodafone ZooZoo makes you Laugh

During the 1st IPL(Indian Premier League) season when Vodafone took over Hutch, they launched the Happy to Help series of advertisements which were very interesting and made you smile. Now Vodafone are at it again wth their ZooZoo advertisements.

ZooZoos are characters featured in the advertisements showing the various services provided by Vodafone. The characters were created by O&M for Vodafone. Explaining the idea behind the campaign, Rajiv Rao, executive creative director, O&M says, “We created a special world in which all the product stories get told. A world which is real yet different, strange yet simple, warm and lovable. All the specific product stories and services get told in this world of Zoozoos, making the messages more charming.” Continue reading “Vodafone ZooZoo makes you Laugh”