YotaPhone 2 Review – A tale of two halves


With more and more smartphones released on the market each year, it becomes even more difficult for a handset to stand out from the competition. Some manufacturers have attempted to attract customers using specialist software and hardware features – like the S Pen on the Galaxy Note 4 – but for others, standing out has been difficult and we’ve seen many companies struggle to make their mark.

In the case of Russian company Yota, they saw an opportunity to show that e-ink displays – which have been present on eReaders for a while now – could also be used in a smartphone and whilst the YotaPhone was designed like a wedge, the YotaPhone 2 aims to be different by offering a Full colour display and a unique e-ink display all in one smartphone. It’s one of the most expensive handsets on the market but is it worth it and can e-ink displays be useful on a smartphone or is this just a phase? Let’s find out in our full YotaPhone 2 review. Continue reading “YotaPhone 2 Review – A tale of two halves”

Yota Phone Hands On

Russian telecom company, Yota, showed off its new device here at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. With a very different marketing USP employing a dual screen design unlike any before, the Yota phone definitely scores high on the uniqueness scale.
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