WhatsApp beta for Android gets video streaming feature


WhatsApp beta for Android is testing a new video streaming feature that allows users to view the video while it is being downloaded. This means you no longer have to wait to watch the video till it is downloaded completely.

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Amazon to ban sales of Apple and Google video streaming devices


Amazon has announced that it will stop selling Apple and Google’s video streaming devices because they aren’t easily compatible with Amazon’s own video streaming service.

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Amazon rumored to be shipping a video streaming device in April

Streaming devices are becoming a thing as Roku’s streaming stick and Google’s Chromecast have seen considerable success. It looks like Amazon could enter the streaming market with a dongle just like the aforementioned units. Amazon is rumored to be shipping this video streaming capable unit through its online stores as well as through retail outlets like BestBuy and Staples.

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What can you do with 3G on your mobile phone

3G services are available in Delhi today and it is going to be available this year throughout India

So what does 3G mean to you ? and what can you do with it on your mobile phone to enhance your mobile experience 

First lets define 3G

3G Stands for 3rd-generation. 3G is loosely defined, but generally includes high data speeds, always-on data access, and greater voice capacity. The high data speeds are possibly the most prominent feature, and certainly the most hyped. They enable such advanced features as live, streaming video. There are several different 3G technology standards. The most prevalent is UMTS, which is based on WCDMA. (WCDMA and UMTS are often used interchangeably.) UMTS is the 3G technology of choice for most GSM carriers. The other major standard is cdma2000, which is an evolution of CDMA 2G technology. There are several types of cdma2000, each offering different data rates and levels of compatibility with 2G CDMA.

Video Streaming that actually works

Video Streaming is possible even over GPRS or EDGE but its very slow.

You will be able to watch a Cricket match Live on the road with live video and audio

Video Calling

Have you ever wondered why there is an additional camera above the display in some phones ?

The camera is meant to be used for Video Calling .. You can actually see the other person face to face and talk.

Faster Downloads and Browsing

As you can see in the picture above .. When i tested 3G , the speeds i was getting was in the range of 300 -500 kbps .. which is the kind of speed we get on a broadband connection at home 🙂

So you can do hi speed browsing on the go 

But one downside to all of this is that battery life is comparetively shorter for most phones on 3G networks.

what else you can think of doing on a hi speed internet connection on your mobile ?