Lenovo S650 vs Lenovo A859 Hands on

The Lenovo S650 and Lenovo A859 are two mid-range Android smartphones that Lenovo announced and showcased at the CES 2014. Both the devices fall in the mid-range Android smartphone category. We have separately seen the Lenovo S650 and the Lenovo A859, so we decided to do a hands on comparison video with the two phones and you can check out the video right below.

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Lenovo S650 Hands on

Lenovo S650 is yet another mid-range Android smartphone from yet another Chinese manufacturer. The Lenovo S650 is present at CES 2014 and we go hands on with the device. Lenovo is usually very concerned about the build quality of its products and the Lenovo S650 is no different. Lenovo has given the S650 a polycarbonate back cover with fabric-feel texture that makes it stand apart from the crowd.

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