Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan announced by Apple

Apple OS X El Capitan

At WWDC 2015, Apple VP Craig Federighi announced the launch of the next version of Apple’s desktop operating system. Mac OS X 10.11 will be called El Capitan based off yet another mountain peak to continue Apple’s nomenclature scheme. The focus here is on improved performance and stability while bringing minor visual overhauls across the board.  Continue reading “Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan announced by Apple”

Apple Spotlight Search, now smarter, brighter and faster, coming to both OS X and iOS

At the WWDC 2014 event in San Franscisco, Apple made a number of announcements that were improvements to the iOS and OS X platforms. One of the things that was common to both the platforms was a much better and improved in-built search engine. Spotlight, as Apple calls it, is now smarter, brighter and faster.

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Apple introduces ‘Swift’, a new programming language for OS X and iOS apps

Among the numerous announcements at the Apple WWDC 2014 event in San Francisco, the announcement that brought the largest cheers and applause from the audience was the announcement of ‘Swift’, a new programming language. Apple’s Craig Federighi said that Apple wanted to create a language without the complications of Objective-C and they came up with ‘Swift’.


One of the biggest advantages of ‘Swift’ is that the developers will be able to have a real time view of the results as they type the code which was not possible in Objective-C. The press release for Swift reads as follows

Swift is a powerful new programming language for iOS and OS X® that makes it easier than ever for developers to create incredible apps. Designed for Cocoa® and Cocoa Touch®, Swift combines the performance and efficiency of compiled languages with the simplicity and interactivity of popular scripting languages. By design, Swift helps developers write safer and more reliable code by eliminating entire categories of common programming errors, and coexists with Objective-C® code, so developers can easily integrate Swift into their existing apps. Xcode® Playgrounds make writing Swift code incredibly interactive by instantly displaying the output of Swift code.


To make the transition from Objective-C to Swift smooth, developers can write the code such that Swift can reside side by side with Objective-C in the same application. Apple has published a 500page guide for Swift language on the iBooks store and developers can start using Swift which is available in XCode 6 beta.

Mailbox for Android launched by Dropbox, Heading to OS X soon

Dropbox Mailbox 2

Mailbox for iOS launched to much hype about an year ago and has so far remained exclusive to the platform. Post their acquisition by Dropbox, the app has today been launched on Android as well. In terms of functionality, the application works as you’d expect but aims at making managing email just that much easier. Continue reading “Mailbox for Android launched by Dropbox, Heading to OS X soon”

Apple to reveal the future of iOS at WWDC’14 on June 2nd

Apple WWDC 2014

Following the yearly tradition, Apple has announced the dates for its Worldwide developer conference, the WWDC 2014, starting on the 2nd of June. The event, where Apple’s software products take center stage, mainly for their new features and updates,  will be touching upon the future of iOS and OS X, the company’s operating systems for its two different kinds of devices. Two months after Microsoft’s own developer conference, it will be Apple’s to tell the story of how its platforms have evolved.

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Apple Might Release iPhone 5S in Mid 2013

According to sources, Apple is expected to unveil the next generation of their iPhone and iPad lineup in mid 2013. This would result in an increase in demand for ICs during the second half half of the first quarter of 2013.

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