Oppo N1 officially arrives in India for a price of Rs. 39,999


Oppo had earlier revealed that they are entering the Indian market today, and right now, they have done just that, at an event in New Delhi. This event also sees the launch of company flagship, the Oppo N1, for a price of Rs. 39,999, for the 16 GB version. The N1, initially rumoured to be a camera centric device, turned out to be a lot more, which we had documented in our review earlier. It has a 5.9 inch 1080p display, a 13 megapixel camera sitting on a rotating swivel, a rear touch sensor for one handed usage, a really cool bluetooth accessory and so on. The hardware alone does not tell the entire story because the N1 is perhaps the most open device on the market, with an unlocked bootloader and a custom recovery that can install ROMs like Cyanogen Mod without any modification. Now that it has landed in India, can the “13 MP selfie” phone make its mark in a highly competitive market?

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Oppo N1 to be globally available for $599 starting December 10th


Oppo N1, the Chinese company’s top end flagship that we unboxed earlier, will be available for purchase globally for $599, starting December 10th of this year. The N1 is a 5.9 inch device that aims to be address the current trend of gargantuan phones that bridge the gap between phones and tablets. But Oppo adds its own twists in the form of a rotating camera that lets you take full 13 MP resolution selfies, a rear touch sensor called O-Touch that lets you navigate the screen easily and the choice of your operating system in the form of feature rich Color OS or AOSP based Cyanogen Mod. These features and choices make the N1 a little bit more interesting than the other 6 inch devices, let alone the magnificent build quality. Anyways, if you are looking to get this phone, you will be able to purchase it at OppoStyle.com which ships globally and even some other retailers depending on your country, for 599 USD or 449 EURO.

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