Nothing ‘PacManPro’ and ‘Tetris’ codenames surface, could be Phone (2a)’s improved version

Nothing is reportedly working on a new smartphone, possibly an upgraded version of the Nothing Phone (2a), according to a report from Android Headlines.

The upcoming smartphone, codenamed “PacManPro,” suggests potential changes in design, processor, or other aspects compared to the existing Nothing Phone (2a).

Improved Version of Nothing Phone (2a)

Speculations about this emerged when a user named Dylan Roussel (@evowizz) revealed information about Nothing’s upcoming smartphones on X (formerly Twitter).

The codenames “PacManPro” and “Tetris” hint at what’s to come. Roussel also mentioned the possibility of two more Nothing Phones this year.

The current Nothing Phone (2a) carries the codenames “Aerodactyl” and “PacMan.” With the introduction of “PacManPro,” it seems likely that a variant of the Phone (2a) is in the works.

The Android Headlines team discovered model numbers associated with these smartphones. The Nothing Phone (2a) bears the model number “A142,” while the leaked “PacManPro” is labeled as “A142P.” The similarity in model numbers suggests a connection between the two.

Potential upgrades over Nothing Phone (2a)

The inclusion of “P” in the model number of “PacManPro” signifies an enhanced version of the Nothing Phone (2a), potentially denoting “Pro” or “Plus.” However, the official name remains undisclosed, leaving room for speculation.

“PacManPro” could feature improvements such as flagship processor, enhanced camera capabilities, or a revamped design. While the possibility of it being the Community version of Nothing Phone (2a) exists, concrete details are yet to be confirmed.

Another Nothing device with the codename “Tetris” has also been revealed. In addition, the report promises to provide further details on this mysterious smartphone soon.

Furthermore, Nothing has announced a product launch event scheduled for April 18, which could provide further insights into the company’s upcoming offerings.

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