Exclusive Video: Nokia N8 operated via Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse!

I’m sure you have already seen quite a lot of the Nokia N8’s Features. I managed to get my hands on it again, and to be honest, the release date can’t come soon enough. Top Notch hardware, phenomenal camera unit and a very noticable faster Symbian^3 made up for a great hands-on experience. Obviously, i won’t talk much into the Software yet, since this is all in proto status. But trust me, its a lot faster than all other phones before. Symbian and Nokia show us with the N8 what is poossible without any high-end specs, which is a great thing.

One thing that also comes as a first on the N8 is the Ability to connect Bluetooth Input Devices to the Phone – and work with it!! In our Case, me and Christoph (from Nokia Austria, thanks again) have used a Logitech Bluetooth Mouse and good ol’ Nokia SU-8W, a Bluetooth Keyboard. How its done? it’s as simple as connecting a BT Headset, enter Bluetooth Menu, search for input devices, choose, enter the 4-digit-code, done. Once the Mouse is connected, there is a small Mouse Pointer visible, and there you go. You can even use the right mouse button to go back to Home Screen, even scrolling is possible. Connect your N8 to a TV, couple it with your Keyboard and Mouse, and answer your mails right from the big Screen!! How about that!?

The possibilities are endless, its up to you to realize them 🙂

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Author: Michael Hell

Michael Hell, certified geek, mobile jedi, amateur photographer, music addict. Down to earth and always up for new challenges. Also blogging on www.michaelxhell.com, which is my private blog for things like Photography and personal things :) Feel free to add me on http://twitter.com/michaelxhell or http://www.facebook.com/michaelxhell

  • maulik

    Thts good!!!

  • PhoneSeeker

    I must say, fantastic demo Michael. The prototype seems pretty fast, hoping that Nokia brings it soon to the market!

    • Michael Hell

      yes its indeed very fast. plus it erased most of s60v5’s flaws and drawbacks. love it.

  • DanT

    Can you confirm if you can connect it to a HD TV or monitor and browse internet on 1280×720 (not upscaled or something)? With keyboard and mouse, that would be great.

    • Michael Hell

      yes it can. i havent seen it, but the product manager of nokia austria confirmed this. we plan to do another demo video soon, with the N8 connected to a HD TV 🙂

  • tushar

    i want to know when it will be launhed in india and at what price.can u tell me more about it.thnks anyways…

    • Michael Hell

      i dont know when it will be launched in india, sorry

  • sushil

    when nokia N8 will come in INDIA

  • Len Loots

    When will the N8 be available in Kashmir Srinagar I want one ASAP

  • johnpaul


    • Michael Hell

      heh.. thanks 🙂 i guess over 60.000 views say something

  • sabir khan


    Can i use any other Bluetooth Keyboard instead of the Nokia SU – 8W to connect with Nokia Phones in general, say a logitech bluetooth keyboard to connect with E71 / E51 / N79 etc, can this phones also connect with the Bluetooth Mouse


  • vijyesh

    it’s a wonderful phone

  • wasif

    a proud owner of this phone now.guys this phone is too good to be true.
    have purchased the silver colour one.

    just buy without any thought.
    5 stars from me for this phone.

  • Sunnybiswas

    i have a dream to having this cool handset, it’ cost is very high. so please less the cost.

  • Sunnybiswas0

    it’s my dream to buy this cool hand set but it is very costly.