India-based GPS tracking company Letstrack foraying into USA

Letstrack, a popular GPS device tracking company has decided to expand to the US market after its successful Indian market entry. The company aims to establish itself in the US market by 2020 with its pilot program crossing more than 10K app registrations in the country.

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Letstrack Special GPS tracking for bikes and cars

Unlike just 10 years ago, GPS tracking is ubiquitous in our lives these days, whether it is waiting for your Uber, waiting for food delivery or even just to find which railway station is next in your journey. But in all these scenarios, the end user is the constant, which means the tracking is entirely dependent on the smartphone which acts as the tracking device, but what if we want to track “things” instead of users? Like what do we do to track our cars or bikes? This is where companies like Letstrack come into play. With their products, we will be able to track, locate or even turn off our machines remotely, giving you complete control, constant oversight and a peace of mind. We tested out the Special GPS tracking device that can be used to track motorbikes, here’s how our experience went.

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