Jailbroken iPhone Users, Beware of the iPhone Worm


Have you got a Jailbroken iPhone? Then beware, a worm has been reportedly spotted in Australia which specifically targets jailbroken iPhone users who still use the default password “alpine” after installing SSH.

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Apple starts shipping un-jailbreakable iPhone 3GS’s

Now JailBreak iPhone 3G with Firmware 3.1 on Windows

It looks like the cat and mouse game between Apple and the iPhone Dev team has started again.

According to an article on iClarified, Apple is now shipping a new BootROM called iBoot-359.3.2 with all the new iPhone 3GS’s  that completely blocks the “24kpwn” exploit, which is being currently used by the iPhone Dev Team and others to jailbreak the iPhone/iPod Touch. 

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Apple iPhone 3.1 OS Jailbroken!


Apple constantly releases new firmware updates for it’s iPhone to solve many of the bugs, problems and to add new features. But the main objective is to fight against the unlocking/jail-breaking of the iPhone.But the hackers/developers always find a way to jail-break/unlock the iPhone. This is the case with the new Apple iPhone 3.1 OS update too. Very soon after the release of the firmware, the OS has been jail-broken.

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