Jailbroken iPhone Users, Beware of the iPhone Worm


Have you got a Jailbroken iPhone? Then beware, a worm has been reportedly spotted in Australia which specifically targets jailbroken iPhone users who still use the default password “alpine” after installing SSH.

Supposedly the worm’s behavior is very strange: First it changes the background of your phone to a photo of Rick Astley and then look out for other iPhones on the network to infect those as well. Also, this exploit could easily be used by malicious hackers for more dangerous purposes.

iPhone Worm

So if you have a jailbroken iPhone and have installed SSH without changing the default password (i.e. “alpine”) we highly recommend you that you change your password as soon as possible, to avoid any attacks.

If you have not jailbroken your iPhone or have not installed SSH on your jail broken iPhone, then you need not worry since you will not be among the affected ones.


Author: Vikas SN

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