Glympse Express location sharing app launched for Android

Glympse, a popular time limited sharing app has introduced a new app dubbed as Glympse Express. Available exclusively for Android, the app allows users to share their location with any contact, app or service instantly.

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Glympse Keyboard for Android brings instant location sharing

Glympse, the popular location sharing app is extending its feature to Android via a new tool. Dubbed as Glympse Keyboard, the standalone app will enable users to share their location from withing the app without leaving the conversation.


There are two ways to use Glympse Keyboard’s feature –  Quick Send and Full Keyboard. The former lets you quickly send a location to other user by continuing to use existing keyboard. Quick Send option requires you to hold down the space bar key and then actually switch to the Quick Send keyboard in order to bring up the Glympse interface. The second option is to use Full Keyboard that takes over as the go-to keyboard. The letter G on the keyboard is replaced with Glympse’s G and a longpress activates location-sharing.

“We have always been focused on developing apps, tools and features that make it simple and easy to incorporate real-time location sharing into daily life, and the Glympse Keyboard is yet another example of delivering on that mission. With the keyboard, users can instantly and seamlessly insert their current location into any application, including Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Gmail and others.”

said Darren Austin, vice president of product, Glympse in an official release.

As with all Glympse applications and services, the sender has complete control over the length of time their real-time location is visible and can extend or cancel a Glympse anytime. Recipients do not need to have the app installed to view the sender’s location — they can view the dynamic map on any mobile or web browser.

You can download the app here.

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