Xiaomi Mi3 Camera Samples

Xiaomi Mi3-2

Xiaomi is all set to enter India really soon, with a portfolio of devices to be sold using the online-only business model, but in anticipation, we had already gotten the Mi3, the company’s flagship device. Selling for a low price, the Xiaomi Mi3 hopes to offer what every other flagship offers, but at a fraction of the price, much like the recently launched One Plus One. The Mi3 has a nice minimalistic design and solid build, but also packs powerful internals including a Snapdragon 800 processor that drives a 5″ 1080p display and also powers the camera experience on the device. We are going to focus on the camera part in this post specifically, to show how it performs in different conditions. So, skip past the break to view all the full resolution camera samples from the Xiaomi Mi3.

Xiaomi Mi3 Unboxing

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Apple iPhone 5s Camera Samples


The Apple iPhone 5s that we unboxed earlier is very much an “s” upgrade of the 5. The first upgrade for the 3g to the 3gs involved a better 3.2 megapixel camera, the second one from 4 to the 4s brought a 8 megapixel camera and the difference in quality was massive, and now we are at the third “s” upgrade which has brought upon significant improvements for the camera, but this time, it’s not about the megapixels. Apple has subverted the megapixel movement and, much like what HTC did, has improved the pixel size. The pixel size might be a marginal increase but Apple claims that it really shows in the photos. Well, does it?

That’s exactly what we are going to see below, with several camera samples from our iPhone 5s for an objective look at the quality. We’ll be comparing it with the iPhone 5 and several other devices at a later stage, but for now, dive in!

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