2 in 1s : How convergence of technology has led to divergence

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Technology is constantly evolving and with each new breakthrough in technology, a new gadget or device is spawned. This is true especially in the past century where we had corded landlines which then evolved into mobile phones, film cameras that evolved into digital cameras, record players that evolved into mp3 players and PMPs (portable media players) that we could put in our pockets. The list goes on and on.

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Interesting facts about Mobile phones in India

As the spread of mobile increases, it makes you wonder about the fine line between what is perceived as luxury and necessity.

One mobile – Necessity

Two mobiles – Luxury

No Mobiles – Happiness

On 17th January 2009, the TDSAT (Telecom Disputes Settlement & Appellate Tribunal) held a Seminar in Pune on the topic Disputes resolution in Telecom & Broadcast from where certain interesting facts about Mobile phones emerged.

**India has 374 million telephone lines

**Off this 336 million are Mobiles!

**336 million Mobiles are distributed amongst 250 million GSM and 36 million CDMA

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