Airtel App Central completes 4 months – 13 million downloads

India’s leading mobile operator Airtel  entered the app store game with the Airtel App Central . The company has just announced the store has crossed 4 months and seen over 13 million downloads since its inception.Users across downloaded apps at a speed of 1.2 downloads/second. Airtel App Central boasts of over 71,000 Apps and the according to the company its the largest App Store in India
airtel app central
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Airtel App Central – Airtel’s own App Store


You must have come across Google ads since few days displaying advertisement of Airtel App central and wondering what is it? App central is Airtel’s own app store offering wide varieties of Apps that claims to convert your basic mobile phone into a smart phone easily. As of now there are over 1250 applications available in the app store.

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