Android 1.6 SDK is now available for download


The Android Team has just released its SDK for Android 1.6 codenamed “The Donut”.

So whats new in the “The Donut“:

  1. It now has support for both CDMA as well as GSM.
  2. It now supports more screen resolutions, which in return will allow Android apps to work on more devices.
  3. The new APIs include a gestures framework and text-to-speech engine.
  4. Donut now provides access to the new and improved Android Market.
  5. It now provides a Quick Search Box for Donut Users, which allows searching directly from the home screen with suggested results while a person is typing.

Devices with Android 1.6 running are expected to be out as early as October ’09. Apps developed for older versions of Android will continue to run on Android 1.6. However do test your existing apps on the Android 1.6 SDK to make sure they run as expected.

Android Team also added that over the next several weeks, they will publish a series of blog posts to help the developers get ready for the new developer technologies in Android 1.6.  The topics on which posts will be covered are:

  1. How to adapt your applications to support different screen sizes
  2. Integrating with Quick Search Box
  3. Building gestures into your apps and
  4. Using the text-to-speech engine.

Download Android 1.6 SDK

In the meantime you can also check the official video of Android 1.6 along with its new features below: