Samsung Galaxy ACE White Hands-On Pictures

I recently had opportunity to play with Samsung GALAXY ACE White edition which launched in India recently with Android 2.3.5. Here are some hands-on pictures for all FoneArena readers. Enjoy….



ACE in white looks quite stunning. Now its preloaded with Android 2.3.5 which provides performance boost to the ACE. It is quite smooth and snappy out of the box compared to Android 2.2 (Froyo). Other that the software it is similar to the black version of the Galaxy Ace The current MOP of ACE White edition is Rs. 14500/- in Mumbai, India.

HTC Vision and Ace to be called Desire Z and Desire HD ?

In a new leaked inventory shot from BestBoyz , new names for the upcoming HTC Vision and Ace have been revealed. The Vision is being called the Desire Z and the Ace is being called the Desire HD. Continue reading “HTC Vision and Ace to be called Desire Z and Desire HD ?”

Samsung ACE SPH-i325 now on Sprint

The Samsung ACE or the SPH-i325 is now officially available on Sprint.The coolest thing about this phone is the support for both CDMA and GSM on a single phone. It has native CDMA support and also an unlocked GSM SIM Card slot .. see pic below..


This means that you can use the phone both in Americas and outside also if you travel to other countries. It has Dual band GSM .

Regarding the features .. Its a Windows Mobile 6.1 powered device with a QWERTY keypad and looks similar to the Samsung BlackJack on AT&T Continue reading “Samsung ACE SPH-i325 now on Sprint”