Review – Blackberry Pearl 3G Skin


We all require some kind of protection for our gadgets. While some may need more protection at the cost of extra bulkiness, some people just require minimum protection and will not want to add much extra bulkiness.

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Blackberry Pearl 9105 now available in India

The Pearl 9105 was launched in India along with the Pearl 9100. While the Pearl 9100 has been available in the market for quite sometime, the 9105 was not available. Now the BB Pearl 3G 9105 is available in India at a price similar to the other Pearl.

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Pictures from Blackberry Pearl 3G India Launch

Blackberry had launched the Pearl 3G in India recently as two models – the 9100 and 9105 . RIM hopes to revive the Pearl legacy with these devices.

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Blackberry Pearl 9100 and 9105 launched in India

Today in a event in Mumbai ,  Research in Motion – RIM launched the Blackberry Pearl 3G in two models 9100 and 9105 in India.The BlackBerry Pearl 9100 features a 20-key condensed QWERTY keyboard and the BlackBerry Pearl 9105 features a 14-key traditional phone keyboard. Both the models include SureType which is T9 equivalent in BB world. Surprisingly no price has been announced but we are guessing it to be around the Rs.16-20000 mark.
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