Nokia launches 5 new entry level phones 1280, 1616, 1800, 2220 slide and 2690 with Lifetools in Indonesia

 Nokia 1280, Nokia 1616, Nokia 1800, Nokia 2220 slide and Nokia 2690 - support Nokia Life Tools

Nokia Lifetools  has seen great success in India and it was even showcased at Nokia World in Germany.Now Nokia does not want to stop with India and has taken the same model to Indonesia which is another emerging market. It launched 5 new phones Nokia 1280, 1616, 1800, 2220 slide and 2690 with Lifetools support and it will be coming to the market in December 2009. These phones will be available round the world

The handsets come in a price range of 20 – 54 euro which is roughly Rs.1400 – 3600

Nokia 1280 Nokia 1616 Nokia 1800 support FM radio, prepaid tracker, flashlight, anti-scratch cover and dust-resistant keymat, among other features. The long battery life, with up to 22 days of standby time, is vital for people in areas where access to electricity is limited.

The Nokia 2220 slide Nokia 2690 also support email on the device through Ovi Mail

Author: Varun Krish

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