Aircel introduces cheap Pocket Internet 3G plans starting at Rs. 128 for 1GB per month

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Aircel, one of the leading mobile operators in India, has followed Reliance Mobile’s footsteps by launching a new and cheap tariff for 3G data plans. The 3G data pack rates have almost been halved in this case, and now are even more affordable. It used to cost Rs. 250 for 1GB of data in the Chennai circle, but now it is just Rs. 128 and the data pack rates slightly vary for other regions. There is also a new Pocket Internet Rs. 27 data pack that offers unlimited 2G/3G data for 7 days, with a FUP of 750 MB. The new tariff is much needed for rapid uptake in 3G and we think we will see it happen once all the operators introduce this new pack. Check after the break for the complete breakdown of the tariff.


As you can see above, some regions get 1.5 GB data for a slightly higher price. It’s great to see that some regions like Mumbai and Delhi are getting it at a much lesser different than say Karnataka and AP. According to the press release –

PI 27 is priced at Rs. 27 and offers unlimited 2G/3G data to the customers with a validity of 7 days. The product offers great value to the customer as the unlimited data offered can be used over a week at a very low price. This data tariff is ideally suited for customers who use mobile internet for social networking, browsing, getting news updates, checking mails, etc.

PI 128 is priced at Rs. 128 and offers its 2G and 3G customers 1 GB data with a validity of 30 days. This data tariff is aimed at customers who use their data for downloading music, playing HD games, mobile applications, live streaming of videos and other high data usage content.

It’s not clear whether the 750 MB FUP for the Pocket Internet 27 is completely 3G or whether it has another limit within 750 MB that switches over to 2G, but if it is indeed completely 3G, it sounds like a better deal than the monthly plans. We’ll be letting you know if there are any changes to these plans. So, are you still on the fence about 3G or will the cheaper rates change your mind? Let us know in the comments section below.

Author: Bharadwaj Chandramouli

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