HTC Pharos P3470 – Very plain and very run-of-the-mill looks

When you see the pictures of the HTC Pharos P3470 and read its specifications, you will be forced to wonder why HTC has even bothered with such a model, especially after the success of the HTC Touch and HTC Dual Touch.

The only probable explanation is that this handset has been launched to bring up the lower-end of HTC’s line up.


Specs at a glance:

• Texas Instrument OMAP 200Mhz CPU
• 128MB (user) RAM
• 2.8” QVGA Display
• Bluetooth 2.0
• Integrated GPS
• 2 Megapixel camera
• No Wi-fi

Apparently, the integrated GPS is a replacement for Wi-Fi.

The handset slated for a March 2008 launch is so unpopular already that decent pictures for it are unavailable.