Cigarette Packet Looking Mobile


Now this is something really interesting and will certainly interest chain smoking mobile handset users. You must be wondering why I am saying like this; I will tell you, a Chinese company has come up with a cheap $100 mobile which not only looks like a packet of cigarettes but also can hold up to 7 fags inside its casing. Mobile_Phone_Packet_of_Cigarettes_2.jpgThe phone model is Xiang Yan Wang 3838 and looks like the popular Chinese brand of cigarettes, Chonghwa. This phone is dual band with MP3 player and it also has a camera, but not that high-end.
I always thought that, Chinese are good in cloning mobile phones. You will find the best of clones in China for all the leading handset models. This kind of initiative from some Chinese company is really innovative but I am sure this will not be received in a good sense by health and hospital authorities in China.

[Via: Cellular-News]

Author: Team FoneArena

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