Apple iPhone 5S to be introduced on 10th September says All Things D

Excitement around the next generation iPhone is reaching at an all time as Cupertino has managed to keep the ship relatively tightly locked down and we haven’t heard much about the next generation iPhone. What we have heard on the other hand are rumors of a cheaper iPhone dubbed the iPhone 5C. If AllThingsD’s sources are accurate then we don’t have much longer to go before we find out. The event for the much awaited device is scheduled to be held on 10th September says the website that has been the source of many accurate Apple related news leaks.


The successor to the iPhone will most likely be more powerful, sport a better camera and while unlikely, might also come with a fingerprint scanner built in. Much is known about the purported budget iPhone that is expected to ship with a plastic casing. Rumors point to a $300 price point for an unlocked device which would make it a hit in markets like India. Apple will also unveil the final version of iOS 7 for its current range of devices as well as upcoming ones. We aren’t really expecting much news about Apple’s tablet range at the rumored event. We’ll keep our eyes on the ground and will be sure to report any new information that comes up.
[Via – AllThingsD]

Author: Dhruv Bhutani

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