Germany says Boycott Nokia


After Nokia announced that they are closing their Germany based manufacturing facility at Bochum, Germans went berserk. They were very angry with Nokia’s closure and the reasons that the company has cited. As an extension to showcase their rage Germans are now boycotting Nokia phones and Nokia in Germany. Latest to joint this campaign is the German Agriculture Minister, who like other fellow Germans, is equally annoyed with Nokia and its statements against Germany. The minister even said that he will be shifting to other brand of mobile handset. Also, many well-known Germans are partying ways with Nokia, this will certainly have a little bit of impact on Nokia’s market share in Germany and major impact on its reputation. Germans are urging that whenever a shopper is buying a Nokia phone they should keep in mind what Nokia has done with its workers at the Bochum plant…hmmm kind of emotional…but will work against Nokia.
Nokia is adamant on its decision of shifting its manufacturing to other cheap locations in Europe like Romania. With all these hate campaigns going on we are still to hear anything official on this from the Finnish Mobile Giant..pretty strange!!!

Author: Team FoneArena

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