Thor: The Dark World game coming soon to Android, iPhone and iPad for free

Thor The Dark World game

So far Gameloft has had a successful run with games involving Marvel comics heroes like The Amazing Spiderman and Iron Man 3. Now it has released the teaser trailer for its upcoming game that features another Marvel comics superhero – Thor. The game titled “Thor: The Dark World” will be releasing alongside the film which is scheduled for release later this year in November. This game will be available for iOS and Android at launch and will be free-to-play just like the Iron Man 3.

In this game, the user will be playing as Thor who must restore order in the Nine Worlds. The user playing as Thor, the God of Thunder , will have to lead the Asgardian forces across more than 100 missions that extend across the Marauders and Dark Elves. One will be able to perform most of Thor’s iconic moves like calling upon the Thunder to get rid of the enemies and also will be leading the Warriors Three.

The game will be available in HD and Gameloft’s amazing HD engine will help bring life to the worlds of Asgard and Jotunheim. The game will also have an online social multiplayer mode where users will be able to join forces to earn victories. The game is based on the movie’s story which is written by Christopher Yost.

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Author: Srivatsan Sridhar

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