Crazy colored Blackberries

Nokia came up with Red colored Nokia N95, and then they added black color to the Nokia N95 8Gb. Recently a Pink colored clamshell of Nokia surfaced on the Internet. Nokia keeps on adding different color to new versions of mobile handsets, whereas companies like Blackberry who make serious business phones don’t play much with colors, this doesn’t mean that Nokia is not serious about what its doing guys. This time a company called ColorWare, famous for adding colors to existing gadgets is coming up with crazy colored Blackberry mobile handsets. They add high quality colors, which do not fade.


The company will be adding crazy colors to Pearl, Curve and 8800 models of Blackberry phones. So Blackberry users will have something to go mad about. Does adding a color to a phone like Blackberry changes its target market or positioning? Would like to have your views on this. Keep sending comments.

Author: Team FoneArena

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