LG to introduce mobile technology for medical purposes

Mobile phones do a lot these days. They are serving every purpose known to man to keep him informed and updated and to enable him to keep track of his appointments, commitments etc. Mobiles also help you keep connected.

Now mobile phones will also do much more. Nokia revealed the Eco Sensor concept a few days ago, which is a mobile phone and a sensing device that will help monitor your health and environment as well.


LG and a team of Canadian Researchers (from the University of Edmonton in Alberta) are busy inventing a system that will enable you to record your vital signs, such as temperature, heart rate and blood pressure, and then transmit them, through your cell phone to your doctor or medical assistant.

Incredible I would say!

The vital signs will be taken with the aid of a finger worn sensor that will be attached to the mobile phone.

Patients who need to have their vital signs taken on a daily basis will benefit from this technology. Imagine the number of trips to a doctor and the number of hours, waiting for your turn, you will actually save!

Similar technology will be used to help diabetics who need to have their blood sugar levels monitored closely.

Bob Haennel, chair of the university’s physical therapy department, also revealed that the monitors could eventually make their way into mobile phones, like recent MP3 players and cameras.

The tests for such incredible features are on and it is likely that a fruitful result will be made available by September next year. Something to look forward to!

Via: Intomobile