Opera Mini 4 get the full web on your phone

Opera Mini 4 is out for download and has already crossed 1 million downloads. Its a great piece of software to browse the full web on even a low-end phone over a insanely slow GPRS connection.


For folks how have not heard about Opera – Most of you would have heard about Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox for the PC. There is also another widely used browser called Opera which is known very well for its mobile offerrings.

Opera Mini 4 is a a great software for anyone who wants to browse PC websites on the phone. Opera mini 4 has a cool new bookmark sharing feature called opera link

New features in opera mini 4

  • Opera Link support
  • improved web search
  • enhanced small screen rendering
  • mouse support
  • improved blackberry support
  • landscape mode

Enough of the info !! Please go ahead and download opera mini 4 for your phone.We highly recommend it .

Its totally Free !!

Author: Varun Krish

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