Nokia N97 Widgets on the Home Screen


Nokia N97 is a cool looking phone for sure. One of the unique features of the N97 is the Widgets on the Home Screen of the device and the ability to hide them with just a swipe when you think someone’s spying on your phone’s display.

For example , see the widgets above . I’m checking amazon for hot products, reading my facebook updates, checking how the world economy is doing with the help of the bloomberg widget and also trying to check the weather around GooglePlex . Now suddenly my boss comes over and before he gets the slightest doubt about my vacation plans, I hide all my widgets and show him an empty screen.

hide nokia n97 homescreen

You might have already read about Widgets as a part of the Search for N contest. But here below you see it live in action.

As you can see there are 5 widgets


1.Rediff MoneyWiz

The stock markets are doing really well and looks like the recession is going to end soon.

2.Music Player

I’m going to play music from the N97 without having to get into the menus buried inside.


Chennai is damn hot today and hope it’s going to rain soon

4.FoneArena Widget

We just built a simple widget to track our twitter feed and the last two updates show Aditya and Rwishi’s tweets


This widget brings Dalal street on to your N97. Well the ticker is amazing , but can cause a lot of distraction 😀

Well this is just a teaser and we promise bring you more posts about the widgets and about all the widgets in the indian ovi store. And if you like to hack around a bit we’ll even show you how to build your own widget for your N97 !

Excited ?

Author: Varun Krish

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