Google Currents gets updated to version 2.0

Google Currents has  been on Android for quite some while now, but today it received a major update on the play store, it got bumped up to version 2.0 with loads of new features. Read on to know what has changed.

 Sidebar UI has been added to Currents, you can quickly access your editions by just swiping your finger and bringing out the sidebar and choosing a different edition. Fast scan feature has been introduced where if you swipe vertically it will scan an edition and if you swipe horizontally you will be able to go to the next edition. Breaking stories section brings full length content ranked by Google News. A new catalog design and widget has also been added. Phew! That’s loads of features for one update. Anyways we hope to see some more updates and currents is looking to be right there on top as one of the best readers.

You can download the Google Currents application and also checkout the changelog over here: Google Currents