India on the map again: 1 in 6 BOLT users is INDIAN!

That India is a humungous cell phone market is sort of old news now.

Touted to be one of the fastest growing mobile markets of the world (a DoT study shows we should be about a billion mobile users by 2014), it will come as no surprise that Indians have arrived on the mobility telcom map. Also consider the fact that several mobile companies have been launching their handsets in India along with their global launches and in some cases even before the global launch. Recall Sony Xperia!

Recently though, a very interesting Press Release arrived at our doorstep that informed us of how 1 in every 6 BOLT users were from India

Now that’s quite amazing too. What’s BOLT you may ask?

For the five of you uninformed who do not use BOLT, it is the first mobile browser that allows even basic mobile phones to play videos on websites such as YouTube,,,,, and more. The BOLT mobile browser is a free web browser for J2ME phones that renders web pages exactly as they are displayed on personal computers.

Not only that, BOLT, launched at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February 2009 has also been shown to be the fastest mobile browser, routinely 25 to 50 percent faster than its next closest competitor.

How it works:

BOLT uses a client/server architecture that not only compresses data limiting the bandwidth consumed while preserving the integrity of web pages, it also offers users faster downloads and better security than found on the native browsers on most phones.  Because of the compression used in BOLT, it is of value to wireless service providers and their subscribers.

Features of BOLT

Fast, secure, desktop-style web browsing on both high-end and low-end handsets

Streaming video capabilities

Split screen and full screen modes for easy navigation and viewing

Easily add and select favourites and view browsing history

Intuitive keystroke shortcuts for easier navigation and content selection

Protection against spyware and malicious or faulty add-ons

BOLTing facts:

When comparing India to North America and Western Europe the management at BOLT has come upon some interesting facts. In the top 25 handsets used in India, only one is a smartphone, whereas in North America all but 2 are smartphones.  In Western Europe it was more balanced with 10 of the top 25 phones being feature phones.

Indian users enjoy social networking; 54 percent of pages visited from India are to social networking websites such as Orkut, Facebook and Peperonity.  Also India’s BOLT users enjoy video and YouTube is amongst the top five websites visited from India.

Nearly 300 different models of mobile phones are currently used by BOLT users in India.  The ten most popular phones used in India are:

1.            Nokia N73

2.            Sony Ericsson W200

3.            Nokia N70

4.            Nokia 3110C

5.            Nokia 6233

6.            Nokia 6300

7.            Nokia N95

8.            Sony Ericsson K530

9.            Motorola MOTOROKR E6

10.         Nokia N72

To get BOLT

Download BOLT for free at:

All phones which support Java applications can run BOLT .

We’ve got to admit it. We are BOLTed. Tell us readers, are you?