DJI unveils Amflow mountain e-bike with Avinox drive system

DJI has announced its entry into the electric bike market with the Avinox drive system and Amflow e-bike brand. Their first e-bike, the carbon fiber Amflow PL electric mountain bike, will launch by the end of the year. It features the mid-drive Avinox motor and a fast-charging battery.

This lightweight e-bike includes several smart and powerful features that may interest competitors like Bosch and Specialized. Avinox incorporates DJI’s Smart-Assist Algorithm, which uses multi-sensor fusion to continuously adjust assistance based on riding conditions.

Riders can select from four standard assist modes: Auto, Eco, Trail, and Turbo. Boost mode is also available for an extra power surge when needed. The Auto mode automatically adapts to riding resistance, while the Avinox app allows for further customization of assist levels and settings.

The Avinox system provides two lightweight battery options: 600Wh and 800Wh. These high-energy density batteries support long-range rides. The 800Wh battery can charge from 0% to 75% in just 1.5 hours using GaN 3x fast charging technology.

A 2-inch OLED full-color touchscreen display serves as the control center, allowing riders to connect their smartphones via the Avinox app. Other notable features of the control display include 4G LTE support, 800 nits of brightness, Bluetooth 5.1, GNSS, sensors, 8GB of storage, and an IP56 rating for the battery and wireless controls.

The app offers features like bike security, data recording and sharing, assist parameter adjustments, and real-time bike status updates. The system includes dual wireless controllers with Bluetooth connectivity for a cleaner handlebar setup.

The bike will sound an alarm and notify you through the app in case of trouble. Additional features include a USB charging port for devices, a Fox full suspension system, and compatibility with both 27.5-inch and 29-inch rear wheels.

The Amflow PL is the first electric mountain bike with the DJI Avinox e-bike drive system. It delivers 850 W of peak power (250 W nominal power) in a lightweight 19.2 kg frame, surpassing full-power bikes in both power output and range. The drive unit has a protection rating of IP66.

Quick specifications: DJI Avinox Drive System

Pricing and Availability

The DJI Amflow PL will be available in Q4 2024, with pricing expected to range between €7000 (USD 7530 or Rs. 6,28,920 approx.) and €12000 (USD 12910 or Rs. 10,78,155)

It will be sold through authorized dealers in Germany, the UK, Australia, and other regions.

Speaking about the launch, Christina Zhang, Senior Director of Corporate Strategy at DJI, said:

DJI’s legacy of passion for innovation, as well as our expertise in battery and motor technology accumulated in drones and camera stabilization systems, have led us to the creation of Avinox. It is a natural move for DJI to expand into this field as we have mastered the technologies essential to an electric bike system, in terms of reliable motor development, battery management, mechanical design, and engineering.

This powerful and compact e-bike drive system embodies our pursuit of technological excellence and opens up exciting new possibilities for DJI as a leading tech brand in the outdoor realm. We are thrilled to bring a new proposition where we expect our expertise can enhance the user experience.