Apple plans for cheaper Vision model in late 2025 and Vision Pro 2 in 2026: Report

Apple has decided to prioritize a more affordable version of its Vision Pro headset, aiming for a release by the end of 2025.

Mark Gurman’s recent report on Bloomberg reveals that Apple originally intended to debut the high-end Vision Pro first, followed by a cheaper variant codenamed N107.

Cheaper Model Codenamed N107

Mark Gurman confirms that Apple initially aimed to launch the Vision Pro at the high end, followed by a cheaper model, codenamed N107. Prototypes of the N107 suggest it will have a “narrower field of view” compared to the Vision Pro and may require tethering to a Mac or iPhone.

This strategy could reduce costs by leveraging the processing power of these devices. Apple plans to debut this cheaper Vision headset by the end of 2025, a timeline set well before the Vision Pro’s initial announcement.

Gurman notes Apple’s challenge in balancing cost reductions while maintaining essential features.

Vision Pro 2 (N109)

While the cheaper model takes precedence, Apple continues to develop the Vision Pro 2 (internally referred to as N109). This successor promises a faster processor, enhanced external cameras, and potential improvements in weight and comfort.

However, Gurman reports a delay in its release, now expected no earlier than the end of 2026. Apple remains committed to the high-end market despite delays in the Vision Pro 2’s timeline, with “no plans” to abandon the next-gen.

AR-Only Glasses Development

Gurman also reveals that Apple has renewed efforts to develop AR-only glasses, which would be lightweight and suitable for all-day wear. Despite some speculation about a 2027 launch, Gurman suggests that Apple insiders doubt the glasses will be ready within the next few years.