Portronics Bella 2 3-in-1 15W Magnetic wireless charging station with Digital alarm clock launched

Portronics has launched the Bella 2, an all-in-one 15W wireless charging stand designed to streamline your charging routine.

It features three induction charging pads for simultaneously charging multiple devices and a configurable digital alarm clock for added convenience.

The Bella 2 has three dedicated charging areas, perfect for charging your smartphone, smartwatch, and TWS earbuds at the same time. It supports Qi-enabled devices, including Apple’s MagSafe-compatible iPhones (12 series onwards).

The Bella 2 intelligently adjusts charging power for iPhone 12 and above (40% in 1 hour), Apple Watches (80% in 50 minutes), and AirPods (80% in 1 hour). The stand also includes a standard 5-watt USB port at its base for additional device charging.

The Bella 2 comes with a digital alarm clock that can be customized with four levels of display brightness. You can dim the LED clock for better sleep or adjust the brightness for a distraction-free workspace.

Quick specifications: Portronics Bella 2 3-in-1 15W Magnetic Wireless Charging Station with Digital Alarm Clock
  • 3-in-1 MagSafe Wireless Charger: Charges Qi-compatible iPhones, Apple watches, and AirPods.
  • Digital Alarm Clock: 12/24-hour display, snooze button, built-in battery.
  • 4 Brightness Levels: Customize LED clock brightness for comfort.
  • Fast Charging: iPhone 12 & above (40% in 1 hour), Apple Watches (80% in 50 minutes), AirPods (80% in 1 hour).
  • Convenient Design: Includes a 5W USB port for extra charging.
  • Input: Type C
  • Wireless Charging: 15W
  • Charging Mode: Phone, Earbuds, Watch, and more
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Color: Black
Pricing and availability

The Portronics Bella 2 is available at an introductory price of Rs. 2,499 on the company’s official website and comes with a 12-month warranty.

It can also be purchased from Amazon.in, Flipkart.com, and other major online and offline stores starting today.