Nothing Phone (3) coming in 2025 with AI: Carl Pei

Nothing CEO Carl Pei has confirmed that the Nothing Phone (3) will not be released in 2024. This announcement was made in a video posted on X (formerly Twitter), where Pei emphasized the importance of “getting the product right,” suggesting a launch in 2025 instead.

In the video, Pei discussed his vision for incorporating AI into Nothing’s products. He spoke about the current trend of AI-based products, noting the challenges faced by devices like the Humane Ai Pin and the Rabbit R1.

Pei argued that forcing users to abandon traditional apps in favor of new AI hardware isn’t effective. Nothing, he confirmed, will continue to focus on the smartphone form factor for now.

Focus on AI Integration

Despite the growing focus on AI, Pei reaffirmed Nothing’s commitment to the smartphone form factor.

He implied that the Nothing Phone (3) would continue this trend, integrating AI features within a familiar smartphone design rather than introducing a completely new AI-based device.

Building a Bridge to a Post-App World

Pei expressed his goal to “build a bridge from today’s app-based user experience to tomorrow’s post-app world.” The upcoming Nothing Phone (3) is expected to embody this vision, with new hardware and software features aimed at enhancing the user experience through AI.

Pei mentioned that he wants Nothing to adopt a business approach similar to Nintendo’s “blue ocean” strategy. This means focusing on creating the best possible products for its user base, making them fun, engaging, and suitable for all ages.

AI Innovations

During the video, Walid Behlock, a Nothing software engineer, showcased a prototype of an AI-first home screen. This screen uses widgets to anticipate user needs, such as displaying a QR code for flight check-in at the appropriate time.

Behlock also demonstrated an onboarding process for an AI companion that adapts to user preferences, including adjusting its voice to match the user’s accent.

Existing AI Integrations

Nothing has already started integrating AI into its products. Recent updates include ChatGPT integration in Nothing earbuds and the Nothing OS 2.5.5 update, which adds ChatGPT widgets to the home screen and a new feature to directly paste content into ChatGPT from the screenshot and clipboard pop-up.

Future Outlook

Pei noted that over the past three years, Nothing has focused on developing its “end-to-end capabilities” and unique user experience. AI will be a significant part of its strategy moving forward.

While no specific details were given about the release date of the Nothing Phone (3), it is speculated to launch in the summer of 2025, aligning with Nothing’s usual schedule for flagship releases.