Withings introduces range of health scans products in India

Withings, a global leader in connected health devices, has announced its official launch in India. The aim is to offer innovative health solutions to tackle the rising rates of cardiovascular diseases in the country.

Health Challenges in India

Recent health data from sources like The Lancet reveal alarming statistics: 70% of urban Indians are obese, placing India third in global obesity rankings. Additionally, 41.73% of adults suffer from chronic diseases, mainly hypertension and diabetes.

India has 250 million people with hypertension, but nearly 100 million remain untreated. This underscores the urgent need for accessible healthcare solutions, said Withings.

Withings cites WHO data, stating that 77 million Indian adults have type 2 diabetes, with 25 million more at risk. Shockingly, over 50% are unaware of their condition, risking severe health issues without early detection.

Innovative Health Solutions by Withings

Withings responds to these challenges with innovative health technology. Partnering with top institutions, it aims to empower individuals to monitor and improve their health. Connected devices like smartwatches, scales, and blood pressure monitors make health tracking accessible.

Key Health Solutions Offered

Heart Health Hybrid Smartwatches: Withings’ watches track heart rate continuously, offering real-time cardiovascular monitoring. They can also conduct medical-grade electrocardiograms and measure blood oxygen levels.

Advanced Smart Scales: Withings’ scales provide insights beyond basic body composition, measuring parameters like pulse wave velocity to assess cardiovascular health.

Connected Blood Pressure Monitors: These monitors enable convenient at-home blood pressure monitoring. They have detected 850,000 cases of high blood pressure since 2014 and can integrate a stethoscope for valvulopathy detection.


Withings’ products, including Body Smart, Body Scan, ScanWatch2, and ScanWatch Light, are available at Luxury Personified with pricing to be announced later.

Commenting on the launch, Eric Carreel, President, and founder of Withings, said:

At Withings, our mission is to make transformative health technologies accessible to all. What sets us apart is our ability to seamlessly capture real-life data. There’s no other smartwatch on the market that can track clinical biomarkers like ours, all with a 30-day battery life.

With the launch of our products and services in India, we’re excited to offer these unique tools and insights to empower millions of individuals to lead healthier lives. Partnering with Luxury Personified as our exclusive distributor for this market, we remain steadfast in our commitment to global health and wellness.

We are determined to contribute to the enhancement of public health in India. Together, we will support local initiatives targeting the growing challenges of chronic diseases. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with healthcare professionals and organizations in the region.