WhatsApp now lets you Pin up to three messages in chats

WhatsApp has introduced an update to its pinned messages feature, now allowing users to pin up to three messages in a chat. Previously, users could only pin a single message in a conversation with a contact or a group.

Mark Zuckerberg, in a recent announcement on his official WhatsApp channel, revealed that users can now pin multiple messages to the top of a chat, facilitating quick access to essential information.

How to Pin a Message

Users can pin various message types, including text, images, and polls. Once pinned, messages stay at the top of the chat as banners for durations of 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days.

The most recent pinned message appears first, and users can easily navigate through multiple pinned messages by tapping on the banner.

To pin a message, simply press and hold it, then select “pin” and choose the desired duration. The process varies slightly across platforms:

  • Android: Tap and hold the message, then tap “More options” > “Pin” > choose duration > “Pin.”
  • iPhone: Tap and hold the message, then tap “More options” > “Pin” > choose duration.
  • Web and Desktop: Navigate to the message, click the menu > “Pin message” > choose duration > “Pin.”

Messages can be unpinned at any time. If not manually unpinned, messages automatically unpin when the set duration expires.

Group Chat Pinning

Group admins can allow members to pin messages in group chats. A system message notifies all members when a message is pinned, along with the identity of the person who pinned it.

However, users joining a group after a message is pinned won’t see it, nor will those who’ve lost or cleared chat history, or deleted the message before pinning.

Limitations and Alternatives

While this feature facilitates easy access to important messages, there are limitations. Messages, like addresses, cannot be pinned indefinitely and need to be re-pinned every 30 days. Alternatively, users can “star” messages to bookmark them for later reference.


The pin multiple messages feature is now available on Android, iOS, Web, and Desktop versions of WhatsApp.