Samsung said to be considering Square design for Galaxy Watch

Samsung is reportedly planning to revert to a square design for its Galaxy Watch, according to SamMobile. This change marks a departure from the circular design seen in recent models.

The new design will resemble older models like the Galaxy Gear, Gear 2, and Gear Live, which were popular over a decade ago. Initially, Samsung shifted to circular designs with the Gear S2, introducing a rotating bezel.

This design has been consistent across subsequent generations, including the current Galaxy Watch 5 models. The decision to return to a square shape is being “enthusiastically” considered within Samsung, the report noted.

While the company considers reintroducing the square shape, after eight years of circular designs, how Samsung executes this shift and persuades customers accustomed to the circular design remains to be seen, posing an intriguing challenge amidst the established popularity of its circular Galaxy Watch series

It’s uncertain whether this change will be implemented with the upcoming Galaxy Watch 7 series or delayed until a later release, possibly the 2025 Galaxy Watch 8.