Lenovo and Motorola unveil ‘Smart Connect’ Multi-Device Connectivity Solution

Lenovo and Motorola have introduced Smart Connect at MWC 2024, a software solution aimed at linking digital ecosystems for a seamless multi-device experience.

Enhanced Connectivity for All

Smart Connect caters to diverse consumers, from students to professionals, by ensuring smooth transitions between compatible devices like phones, tablets, and PCs.

It enables users to switch tasks effortlessly, maintaining workflow, without the need to purchase devices with the same operating system.

Smart Connect: Key Features

Cross Control: Seamlessly navigate between PC, tablet, and phone using a single keyboard and mouse, facilitating efficient multitasking across devices.

Swipe to Stream: Transition app activities across devices with a simple swipe, ensuring uninterrupted playback of media and content.

Notification Sync: Stay updated with messages and notifications across all devices without disruptions.

Share Hub: Effortlessly share files and media across compatible devices, simplifying collaborative tasks without worrying about storage limitations.

Smart Clipboard: Copy and paste text or images across phones, PCs, or tablets seamlessly.

Instant Hotspot: Turn your phone into a hotspot for instant and secure internet connectivity for other devices.

Webcam Integration: Utilize your smartphone’s high-resolution camera for video calls or livestreams, enhancing remote work capabilities.

Expanded Work and Play Space: Amplify your Motorola device’s capabilities by streaming videos, playing games, or launching a mobile desktop on a smart TV using just your phone.


Smart Connect will be accessible on Lenovo PCs running Windows 10 or later via the Microsoft Store, and on select Lenovo tablets and Motorola devices through the Google Play Store.

Lenovo has also announced plans to expand availability in the coming months, with detailed device compatibility and requirements to be provided at launch.