hyperscore HyperScore is a free user friendly cell phone ringtone composing software released by MIT media Labs for windows. To create a ringtone, all you need is some basic insticts and a few seconds. The file is small (5.6 mb), with support to lot of instruments. The menu plays a preview of the instrument that you are choosing, to help the musically challenged people. The whole environment is friendly, with color pencils to slash the charts and in the process listen to your creation. A bubble pops out everytime you pause you mouse pointer on a element on the screen, with information about it. Many smaples have been provided to give you a feel of the software.

Hyperscore lets composers assemble music using blocks of melodic or rhythmic riffs, called “motives.” A songwriter assembles a collection of motives, represented as a palate of colors. Then, in the program’s sketch window, the composer literally paints the rhythms across the screen. Moving the brush up or down changes the pitch and user-selected harmonizing levels smooth out the sour notes and chords that emerge in the process.

What makes it an ultimate tool for ringtone creation, is its ability to share in 3 modes. You can upload it to our community, send it to a friend, or put it on your phone! See the “Share” menu in Hyperscore, or try the three buttons in the bottom right hand corner of the Hyperscore application. You get special benefits from uploading songs to our community – free ring tones, fame, glory, and more.

Download Hyperscore