PixPulse – Share mobile media


PixPulse is a new way to share mobile media using your camera phone. Using PixPulse you can Share-Blog-broadcast :

  • Easily send photos, videos and blogs from your camera phone to all your friend’s phones and mobile devices
  • Receive media from your friends and comments via SMS to your cell phone
  • Works with all WAP-enabled mobile devices on any mobile carrier in the world
  • Free for you and all your friends
  • What amke this service more interesting is that, PixPulse will be sending your sms/mms to all your friends, you will have to pay only for a single message (Thats some good news to people restricted with number of free sms per day.) PixPulse is a free service and they promise it will always be free (I doubt it though, noting the rise in the number of users has tripled in the past few days).

    Note: PixPulse is NOT a photo/video storing website or social network.

    PixPulse – Your own mobile media channel