5G compatibility, Camera quality, and Battery Life dominate Indian smartphone preferences: CMR

CyberMedia Research (CMR) has released a comprehensive study focusing on consumer preferences and retailer sentiments in the Indian smartphone market.

The study, based on feedback from over 500 smartphone users and 250 retailers across major cities, provides a detailed overview of the evolving landscape of smartphones.

Consumer Trends

Top Features: Consumer demand highlights 5G compatibility (70%), superior camera quality (68%), and extended battery life (66%) as crucial features.

Usage Patterns: Users spend significant time on social media (67 minutes), watching reels (59 minutes), and chatting (57 minutes), with entertainment activities like video streaming (49 minutes), music (39 minutes), and gaming (38 minutes) ranking high in preferences.

Brand Performance

Satisfaction Levels: Most brands exceed 50% satisfaction levels, with exceptions like realme (47%) and vivo (44%), primarily due to issues related to camera quality, battery life, and perceived value for money.

Challenges: Dissatisfied users express concerns over poor battery life (37%), lag (34%), and inferior photo quality (32%), emphasizing the need for enhanced features, particularly 5G capability (70%).

Brand Credibility
  • Positive Reception: iQOO earns positive word-of-mouth, with 75% of users willing to recommend the brand.
  • Samsung also maintains a strong position in the top three brands.
  • LAVA’s Surprising Performance: LAVA, as the only Indian smartphone brand, witnesses a significant increase in credibility by 20%, with 68% customer recommendation and leading in user satisfaction at 61%.
Retailer Insights

Market Shift: Retailers (77%) acknowledge a changing landscape, with anticipation centered around 5G adoption (76%), Make in India initiatives (55%), and the rise of AI solutions in smartphones (53%).

Competition: Established brands face competition from innovative contenders, signaling dynamic possibilities in the Indian smartphone market.

Commenting on the market dynamics, Surachita Deb Sarma, Analyst-Industry Consulting Group (ICG), CyberMedia Research (CMR), said:

The Indian smartphone market is on the brink of transformation. Consumers now seek more from their devices, emphasizing features such as 5G compatibility, better cameras, and extended battery life. Established brands are encountering robust competition from emerging contenders, setting the stage for an exhilarating and dynamic market in the year ahead.