YouTube TV surpasses 8 million subscribers, CEO shares vision for 2024

In his letter, YouTube’s CEO, Neal Mohan, shared insights on upcoming changes and his vision for 2024. He highlighted four significant investments across YouTube and expressed excitement for the future.

Mohan mentioned that over 3 million channels are part of the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), providing creators with earning opportunities. YPP has distributed over $70 billion to creators, artists, and media companies in the last three years.

AI Empowering Creativity

Mohan, having worked at the crossroads of technology and creativity, acknowledges the potential and challenges of generative AI. YouTube has addressed various content-related issues over the years, from monetization to community safety.

Approaching AI advancements with YouTube’s founding mission, Mohan stressed on empowering human creativity rather than replacing it. He discussed recent AI experiments like Dream Screen and the Music AI Incubator, aimed at enhancing creative expression and collaboration within the industry.

Mohan emphasized democratizing access to AI tools, aligning with initiatives like Shorts, which enable easy video creation from mobile devices. Shorts has seen significant growth, with over 70 billion daily views and a 50% increase in Shorts uploads year over year.

In the coming year, Mohan pledged to ensure AI serves creativity, collaborating with creative industries and implementing AI-powered features while prioritizing appropriate safeguards.

Empowering Creators as Next-Gen Studios

He outlined the platform’s focus for 2024, emphasizing the importance of creators. He highlighted efforts to enhance creators’ earning potential and foster community through features like channel memberships.

Additionally, initiatives such as the Creator Collective aim to support creators worldwide by facilitating collaboration and knowledge sharing. Mohan stressed the need for policymakers to recognize creators’ economic contributions and advocate for their inclusion in labor data.

Expanding YouTube’s Reach to the Living Room and Subscriptions

Mohan acknowledged YouTube’s dominance in streaming watchtime and emphasized the platform’s expansion into the living room. With a significant increase in viewership on large screens, YouTube aims to replicate its success in the living room experience, including sports content.

Moreover, YouTube has witnessed growing interest in its subscription services, with over 8 million subscribers to YouTube TV and surpassing 100 million Music and Premium subscribers.

Looking ahead, YouTube is committed to delivering exceptional subscription experiences and enhancing its presence in the living room.

Protecting the Creator Economy

Neal Mohan shared insights into the company’s vision for 2024. He emphasized their commitment to safeguarding the YouTube community while ensuring high-quality content delivery, essential for viewer and advertiser trust.

Creating a Safe Online Space: Mohan stressed the importance of fostering a healthy online environment for children.

YouTube’s youth-focused products reach over 100 million active viewers monthly. They prioritize supporting youth growth in collaboration with parenting and mental health experts.

Promoting Quality Information: In light of global elections, YouTube prioritizes connecting users with authoritative sources for election news.

They enforce policies against hate speech, violence incitement, and election interference rigorously. As technology evolves, they adapt, planning to address challenges posed by generative AI, such as deepfakes.

Transparency and Protection: YouTube plans to enhance transparency regarding synthetic content, introducing labels to distinguish it. They remain committed to investing in teams and technologies to protect the YouTube community comprehensively.

Announcing the updates, Neal Mohan, CEO, YouTube, said:

These are the four key initiatives we’re focusing on in 2024, but our efforts extend beyond these. We’re dedicated to providing the best experiences on YouTube, whether you’re learning, listening to a podcast, or enjoying a gaming livestream. Many of our daily innovations may not grab headlines, but they serve our mission to facilitate connections through storytelling.

None of this would be achievable without our creators, viewers, advertisers, and partners. I want to express my gratitude to this incredible community for your contributions in bringing people together on YouTube every day. I’m excited to witness what you’ll accomplish next.