YouTube Music and Premium surpass 100 million subscribers

YouTube has announced that YouTube Music and Premium now have over 100 million subscribers, including trial users.

Adam Smith, YouTube’s VP of Product Management, shared that in 2015, they recognized the demand for a YouTube experience benefiting both users and the creator and artist community.

This led to the launch of a new subscription service and the YouTube Music app, catering to music lovers and fans who wanted an uninterrupted, background-play-enabled, and downloadable YouTube experience with an extensive music catalog.

Smith highlighted the journey of learning, making adjustments, rebranding, and expanding services to over 100 countries. In the past year, YouTube improved the Premium playback experience, enabling seamless transitions across devices and enhancing video quality to 1080p HD.

He noted experiments with generative AI features for Premium users and introduced innovations for listeners, such as the Samples tab for discovering new music, personalized radio, and podcasts on YouTube Music.

Throughout the evolution, the focus remained on providing an excellent experience for the global YouTube community, he added.

Commenting on the achievement, Adam Smith, Vice President of Product Management at YouTube, said:

Beyond its features, the enduring appeal of YouTube lies in the remarkable content crafted by our creators and artists. YouTube Premium plays a pivotal role in sustaining a vibrant creator and artist community, providing them with an additional revenue stream through subscriptions.

From humble beginnings to now boasting a community of 100 million across over 100 countries, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our subscribers for their unwavering support!