OnePlus 12: 2K X1 OLED LTPO display with up to 4500 nits peak brightness, DisplayMate A+ certification

OnePlus already confirmed that the OnePlus 12 will come with world’s top 2K “X1 (Oriental) Screen” for the first time. This is the first domestic 2K screen to receive DisplayMate A+, setting an astonishing 18 records, it added.

The maximum brightness of X1 (Oriental) Screen has far exceeded the industry’s highest 2600 nits for 2K screens, which makes its display more transparent, more visible outdoors, the HDR effect more vivid, and offers power-saving at the same brightness, it said at that time.

Today, the company has announced that the display offers peak brightness of 4,500 nits (based on OnePlus lab test), the highest in the industry. High brightness will bring better outdoor visibility and better HDR display effects.

The phone has self-developed Display P1 chip, which has been specially optimized for lifespan protection for high brightness, the company adds.

The screen has first medical-grade “Bright Eye Protection” technology.
Certified by professional organizations, it brings unprecedented eye protection capabilities to mobile phone screens, according to OnePlus.

The brightness protection focuses on two scenarios – playing games for long, and playing in the dark, and addresses them with technical solutions and targeted optimization.

The main causes of visual fatigue caused by playing with mobile phone in dark and continuously playing with mobile phone for a long time include glare from the phone in the dark and large difference in color temperature between the screen and the environment, strobing causing visual fatigue, excessive blue light, caused by frequent changes in brightness etc.

In the past, industry eye protection solutions were only optimized for 1 to 2 of the problems. However, the “Bright Eye Protection” technical solution provides targeted technical solutions for each of the reasons, minimizing the risks that occur under these conditions, according to Louis Jie, OnePlus China head.

We have less than a week for the OnePlus 12 to go official, and we should know more details about the phone in the coming days.


Author: Srivatsan Sridhar

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