Fortune Global Forum 2023: HONOR’s forecast for foldable smartphones and more

HONOR recently participated in the Fortune Global Forum 2023 in Abu Dhabi, engaging in a discussion on the future of smart devices. Dr. Ray Guo, CMO of HONOR Device Co. Ltd., joined experts Ben Wood and Frank Holzmann in a panel titled “A New Intelligent World: What’s Next for Smart Devices.”

The discussion, led by Clay Chandler, covered diverse tech topics, including foldable smartphones. Drawing parallels with electric vehicles, the panel highlighted that foldables are poised to go mainstream. In China, over 64% of high-end smartphone users are open to adopting foldables, marking a significant shift.

Addressing Consumer Concerns

To address past concerns about foldables, speakers noted improvements in portability, durability, and battery life. HONOR’s Magic V2, as thin as a flagship smartphone, withstands 400,000 folds and incorporates advanced battery tech. Hitting one million units in production, the Magic V2 holds a 25% share in China’s foldable market.

HONOR’s production milestone signals a mature supply chain, driving automation and efficiency. This achievement fosters industry confidence, encouraging innovation, and lowering foldable smartphone prices.

HONOR’s Eye Comfort Lab

Focusing on human-centric tech, HONOR invested over USD 140 million in eye comfort display R&D. The company opened a dedicated eye comfort lab, introducing features like 3840Hz PWM dimming technology and Circadian Night Display, influencing over 90% of smartphone displays in China. Dr. Ray Guo expressed the aim to create an “oasis of eye comfort” for the 2.2 billion globally with vision impairments.

On-device AI Unleashed

AI took center stage, with HONOR emphasizing on-device AI for personalized services while prioritizing user privacy. The upcoming HONOR Magic6 will feature On-device LLM powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Mobile Platform.

Three Years of HONOR

Celebrating its third anniversary, HONOR’s global presence at the Fortune Global Forum underscores its position as a premium brand. Notably, in Q3 2023, the brand has witnessed nearly 200% sales growth overseas and maintains leadership in both the foldable and overall smartphone markets in China.

Speaking at the event, Dr. Ray Guo, CMO of HONOR Device Co. Ltd., said:

We are delighted to participate in the Fortune Global Forum 2023. The business world is stepping into a thrilling new era, and technology is set to play a pivotal role. We firmly believe that human-centric innovations will unlock fresh possibilities for the next generation of smart devices.

Foldables are on the brink of becoming mainstream, on-device AI is charting the course for a transformative era, and human-centric technologies like eye comfort display technology are elevating human-device interaction experiences. From our standpoint, this encapsulates the future of smart devices.