Instagram announces new creative tools for users

Meta, the parent company of Instagram, recently introduced a series of creative tools to enhance the Instagram experience. These innovative additions, which coincided with Instagram’s 13th anniversary on October 6th, were unveiled during a product session held in Gurgaon, India.

Birthday Feature

One of the most common behaviors on Instagram, particularly among the younger demographic, is the act of celebrating birthdays. To make this experience even more exciting, Meta has introduced the ‘Birthday’ feature.

This new addition allows users to inform their friends and followers about their special day, encouraging a vibrant celebration filled with stickers and confetti.

Audio Notes and Selfie Video Notes

Notes have become a fundamental means of communication among young users on Instagram, akin to direct messages.

To enhance this experience, Meta has introduced two new features:

  • Audio Notes: Users can now leave voice recordings as Notes, adding a personal and expressive touch to their interactions.
  • Selfie Video Notes: This feature allows users to capture short looping videos within their Notes, which remain visible for 24 hours. This feature adds a dynamic dimension to interactions on the platform.

Multiple Lists in Stories

In response to user feedback, Meta is introducing the highly requested ‘Multiple Lists in Stories’ feature. This enhancement allows users to create various lists, extending beyond just Close Friends.

You’ll soon have the ability to categorize your friends into different groups, whether they’re close buddies or beloved family members, giving you more control over who sees your Stories.


The company has announced that these new features will begin testing and roll out soon.